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Portlanders have a new sous chef in their home kitchens!

The Minnow curates recipes, sources ingredients from local farms and makers, preps and cooks components, portions into returnable, reusable packaging, and delivers it sustainably to your doorstep. All that's left to do is assemble and enjoy!

Our rotating seasonal menu highlights abundance from local farms, incredible products from local makers, humanely raised animal products, and the best pantry staples. We curate, you plate!

Read more about The Minnow’s commitment to zero waste and sustainability from start to finish.


How it works, step-by-step:

  • You browse the online store for meal bundles, sides, and complementary components. Add your choices to your basket, then check out.
  • Farmers harvest and hand-deliver their products to us, and we prepare everything right away so that it arrives to you as fresh as possible.
  • Deliveries are made the next day in insulated packaging to keep foods cold until you receive them.
  • Meal bundles come with simple instructions to cook and serve, requiring only about 20-30 minutes to prepare.
  • Meals are comprised of washed & prepped seasonal vegetables, cooked heirloom grains & legumes, handmade sauces & dressings, nuts & dried fruit, and spice blends. The base meal bundle is intended to suit most diets!
  • To complement your meal and dietary preferences, add humanely raised meats, cheeses, snacks, and other meal staple complements to your shopping basket. All meals offer suggested complements to pair with the flavors present in each recipe!
  • Meal bundles and complements come with four generous servings apiece, intended for a single hearty dinner or to cover multiple meals throughout the week.

The Minnow is perfect for those looking for a simple way to expand their ingredient horizons and try out seasonal eating; homes with diet and allergen sensitivities (or selective eaters); farmers market fans who want another way to support local producers; busy professionals tired of takeout; and anyone else who’s hungry!


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