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The Minnow’s mission is to deliver thoughtfully sourced & prepared whole food ingredients to Portland homes, provide the means to quickly make fresh, seasonal, delicious meals and ensure a positive environmental & community impact.


  • Make healthy whole food meals accessible to all
  • Facilitate connection to the land and the growers that nourish us
  • Feature seasonal “star” ingredients grown with ecological practices
  • Participate in the circular reuse economy
  • Radically reduce food waste


  • Transparency: We offer a window into the world of biodiverse farming. We believe in sustainable sourcing, animal welfare, clean and clear ingredient lists and allergen accommodation.
  • Sustainability: Tread lightly on the planet and the foodshed where we gather our ingredients, always looking for ways to reduce our impact and operate in sync with natural systems.
  • Community: Participate in and add value to our local community and the communities where our ingredients are sourced.
  • Respect: Treat every link in the chain with humanity and care. All of our makers, growers, distributors, employees and customers are partners.
  • Honesty: When things don’t go as planned, we will always work to make it right.